Sunday, December 5, 2010

339/365... Showering the new mommy joy

Today my dear friend and new mommy, Christy, was showered with love. We ate, played games, oohed and ahhed at the adorable little outfits, hugged, smiled, laughed... the celebration went exactly how it was planned. It was a wonderful time.

Almost 2 months ago, my dear friend and her dear hubby welcomed their son, Bryce James, into the world. 3 months early. Not exactly what the new mommy and daddy had planned.

Bryce has simply amazed me since the day of his arrival. In nearly two months, he has made significant gains in his growth and development. Bryce is a little baby boy who has made a huge impact on so many lives.

Please continue to pray for baby Bryce, his mommy and daddy, and all who love him. Pray for growth, strength, and health as Christy and Jason prepare for the day that their son, Bryce, will come home.

Showering the new mommy joy.



Stephanie December 7, 2010 at 9:13 AM  

We'll definitely say a prayer for a sweet baby boy! Best of luck to the new family!