Sunday, November 28, 2010

332/365... 28th day of thankfulness joy

28th day of thankfulness...

I'm thankful for family time. Whether it is watching a movie together, taking a walk, decorating for Christmas... I'm truly grateful for every moment that we share together.

28th day of thankfulness joy.


In other news... I'm also very thankful that Christmas trees are on sale right now. After spending over an hour fluffing our pre-lit Christmas tree, I plugged it in to marvel at my work and 90% of the lights did not work. Some day I hope to drink hot cocoa and cut down our own Christmas tree. For now, the new pre-lit tree from Target looks beautiful in our living room.

In other, other news... I'm also very thankful that our time with the flu, colds, fevers, and other not-so-fun sicknesses is hopefully coming to an end.

In other, other, other news... Happy 5th Birthday to sweet Emma!!!!!! We hope to celebrate with you soon. Love you so very much!!