Sunday, May 15, 2011

135/365... Blue bruise, blue toes joy

I spent most of the day at the spa with my dear friends. We lounged around the pool, read, chatted, relaxed, and were pampered. With every passing moment, I felt more and more relaxed.

I came home with freshly manicured blue toenails to remind myself of our time at the spa. (Not to mention that my poor feet desperately needed some attention.).

After showing off my cute blue toes to my family who were not all that impressed, my oldest wanted to play baseball with me. We took turns pitching and hitting. He is getting better and stronger with his skills.

In fact, he is becoming so good that I now have a blue bruise above my eye to match my blue toes.

Just another day in paradise.

Blue toes, blue bruise joy.

15 May